Factor Communications

Feature-Rich, Neutral IP‑eXchange

Our solutions help carriers cost effectively offer IP communications services — and capture new customers along the way.

Factor Communications provides a suite of hosted services for carriers that offer IP communications services, including VoIP, video and data calling.

Simply put, our Xfactor IP exchange offers a neutral, low cost path enabling end-to-end IP calling. Using our Xfactor exchange bypasses legacy voice networks and avoids termination charges and access fees. Carrier members of our Xfactor IP exchange also have the ability to bid on terminating traffic for our business customers, who select terminating carriers based on network coverage and quality of service metrics.

Factor Communications’ proprietary Session Border Controller (SBC) technology enables carriers to solve equipment interoperability issues, including addressing variations in SIP implementations, handling CODEC and NAT traversal issues and providing support for fax transmissions.

Our Least Cost Routing application helps carrier clients lower their costs, while our VoIP Billing Platform helps carriers understand these costs, increase profit margins and generate customer invoices.

Factor Communications also offers IP Communications Technical Expertise to help service providers solve their networking issues and full 24 x 7 x 365 Network Monitoring Services to insure our carrier customers provide the highest level of service to their end users.

As a full-service IP Communications provider, Factor Communications provides the tools carriers need to build their IP communications businesses and generate revenue from Factor’s Xfactor IP exchange.

  • The Xfactor IP exchange provides a neutral clearing house for IP traffic, allowing carriers to terminate calls without paying termination charges or access fees
  • Carriers can compete to terminate business traffic on the Xfactor IP exchange, generating new revenue
  • Our proprietary SBC technology addresses carrier’s internetworking, interoperability and quality of service issues
  • Our Least Cost Routing application enables carriers to save their customers money while improving margins
  • Factor’s IP Billing Platform provides carriers with the information they need to manage their business and bill their customers

Factor Communications partners with carriers to enable them to provide IP communications services and build new revenue streams.

Our suite of products and services include:

  • Factor’s Xfactor IP Exchange
  • Proprietary SBC Application
  • Least Cost Routing Solutions
  • IP Communications Billing Platform
  • Technical Expertise
  • 24 x 7 x 365 NOC Services

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