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The Promise of IP is Here.

Extend the power of your internal IP network globally, and lower your calling costs as well.

While corporations have adopted IP communications to communicate between locations on their internal network, these same firms still route off-net calls to their legacy voice providers. Issues with equipment interoperability, calling quality and security have prevented the migration to end-to-end IP calling.

Factor Communications has developed a suite of services for business that solves the issues with end-to-end IP calling. Our services enable businesses to bypass legacy voice networks and move to a global IP calling environment. Factor's technology includes a proprietary session border controller which meets tough corporate security requirements, addresses equipment interoperability issues and provides an easy to use process for setting up corporate calling plans and call routing.

Our Xfactor IP exchange platform, in combination with our least cost routing software, enables corporations to save up to 20% on their LD voice, video and data calling, while supporting the innovative IP calling features that are lost when calls are routed over legacy networks.

When corporations join our Xfactor IP exchange, they are able to communicate with other members of the exchange at a very low cost. Our corporate Xfactor exchange members determine which traffic to accept, which carriers to use for outbound traffic and have the ability to route less sensitive traffic over lower cost providers.

As a full-service, global, IP Communications provider, Factor Communications enables corporations to migrate off of legacy voice networks and lower costs.

  • Addresses your security, interoperability and quality of service issues
  • Runs on your premise, on your hardware, giving you full control of your calling options
  • Saves over 20% on your calling costs
  • Select your service providers based on type of call, quality of service and price
  • Enables IP calling features beyond your internal network
  • Supports voice, video and data
  • Utilize robust reporting features for internal cost allocation

Factor Communications enables our business clients to leverage the power of IP communications while saving them money.

Our suite of products and services include:

  • Xfactor IP Exchange
  • Session Border Controller Application
  • Least Cost Routing Solution
  • IP Communications Billing Platform
  • Technical Expertise

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